A split second of hesitation as my hand lightly circles over the starting point of a blank page. With the first grazing sound of nib scratching paper, the lexis of imagination begins. Words glide into place, sentences stream themselves together, feelings transform into identities, and ideas stain the paper faster than thought.

Hello, my name is Mira Sbaiti and I am a freelance content writer. I’m also a graphic designer, UI/UX designer, and illustrator.

I can write high quality content for your business, in your own voice, to appeal to your readers and keep them coming back for more.

Self-progression is the basic reason why I chose to write. I strive for the independence it provides, the encouragement to encounter topics I otherwise would not have sought after, and most importantly the enjoyment in self-motivation it requires and how it forces me to transform into the person I want to become; and this is what I offer your business.

By combining my personal understandings with relevant research and studies, I’ll create engaging content types ranging from social media posts and articles to landing page sales copy.

Send me a message to get in touch or visit my Hire Me page to see which service fits you best.