Welcome to the very wonderful world that lives inside my head. Since I fancy myself a blogger, here we go!

The contents of this blog are merely my thoughts and moods. Yes, there will be much contradiction at times, but hey, first of all we grow and thus our opinions and points of views change. Secondly, different moods at times present themselves with the ability to see things from different angles. Thirdly, not playing the devil’s advocate here, but I do enjoy challenging myself in seeing value in opinions and thoughts different than my own, and maybe hope to create strength in character.

I am on a mission to move forward and grow. I don’t know where my life’s journey is taking me, at times I don’t even care as long as I have fun along the way. Other times I feel the need to have a definite plan and direct answers in order to proceed.

Today I am nobody, tomorrow – who knows!

Sometimes I am lost and feel like a headless chicken running around. Other times I am centered and in harmony with the universe and all the energy it consists of.

My words consist of my day to day life and thoughts. My thoughts consist of love, life, energy, work, dreams, stories of fictional basis and other ramblings of fantasy, and my personal development in moving forward in this world.  I suppose this is a live working experimentation.

**I relate to myself as we and when I say ‘you’ I am usually referring to myself since, I am just talking to myself.

My you is me and my we is also me. I consider myself plural since I like to separate certain aspects of myself and give them their own properties, attitudes, and sometimes, way of life (a trick I learnt from The Sedona Method).


What is CS-33?

CS-33 is my personal blog. I keep it as my journal for self-progression, which includes things like my health and work goals, personal achievements, and basically as a way to keep myself on track. It will also contain random thoughts.

My main objectives are:

·         To experience the world

·         To make lots of money online, as thousands of bloggers do every single day.

·         To create a good passive income through selling graphics

·         To travel and discover the world

·         To be healthier than I have ever been before

·         And of course, there will be lots of sub goals in between like learning how to type with ten fingers.

This blog is a way to help me keep track of myself, and hopefully inspire you.