21 years; an entire lifetime of memories filled with love and ache, compassion and hate, desire and sacrifice. A future ripped.

On the brighter side –

In my world, I have my own concepts and disciplines which I adhere to. Along the way, I have constructed these by indulging myself into other theories, practices, and beliefs.

Whilst for the most none really ring true with me, I manage to walk away with fragments that craft out the realm of my inner fantasy.

Mission: To become a digital nomad. Yup, I want that lifestyle. I want to hop around the world whenever I want for as long as I want. I want to live where I want, the way I want.

Current situation: We shape our own reality. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do; or so spoken by a person that is yet to bend things to her will. There is always a myriad of sides to every situation.

Stop smoking
Stop overeating
Start listening to my body
Do yoga
Exercise (gym, running)
Do Karate
Morning one litre of water
Daily two to three litres of water

Morning meditation and gratitude
Night time meditation and gratitude
Mid-Day meditation
Chakra Meditation

Go to a cafe, restaurant, park, beach, mountain to work
Be successful
Make a ridiculous amount of money per month online
Own a little B&B with character

Make new friends
Find love

Stuff I Want
Buy a cosy house with a huge garden

Let’s break things down and take things one step at a time starting with the body. Stop smoking and overeating and start getting more active. I have been making a conscious effort the past few days to smoke less, but the eating thing, I either forget or decide to forget when I remember.

Stopping smoking. I’m not pro the cutting down method as much as I am for going cold turkey. Once my mind is completely convinced, I will stop. I am working on that now, and I feel that any day now I will just wake up in the morning and decide that this is the day. The past couple of mornings I hear this little voice quiet asking if it can be postponed until tomorrow. It asks in such an innocent voice that I would feel like a monster to say no to it. With every pounding heartbeat, I feel the reasons why I need to stop smoking.

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