I finally finished putting together my poetry book today and published it on Amazon and Kindle.

They, the poems, have been weighing down on me for a very long time and it feels good to release them. I never would have thought that publishing a poetry book would make me feel lighter.

I wrote these poems in my twenties. I was so possessive about my writings. I had to shield them from the world. My greatest fear was someone to read them. I had passed a few around, but only certain poems to certain friends. I used to get upset if they shared them. I would feel violated. Can’t say I feel much different now. The thought of you reading my poems makes my heart skip a beat, I feel my blood pressure rise (or maybe its adrenaline), my shoulders are clutching up, the judgement – fear. I love the trembling.

So here it is, my first poetry book – actually its my first book of any sort.

Empty Solitude

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