Our essence of a person comes from their soul. No matter how much we grow and evolve as people walking through life, our essence will forever be the same. So what really makes the essence of a person? What makes us? Two siblings brought up in the same environment under the same circumstances each has a different essence and look towards life. One could have an honest outlook towards life yet the other is scheming and unsatisfied.

Life evolves us and changes us whether we are open and receptive or not, it will hurdle obstacles in our way regardless of timing, and nothing is consistent except our essence. It is that essence that allows us to easily glide or feel the pebbles under our feet whilst carrying the mountain.

Our essence is not just built from our experiences. Sure our experience carves it out and helps it take shape, yet it is purely us, it’s the element that will always flicker through behind every mask that we wear. Though we may not always be aware of it, those that perceive us, are.

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