They say language learning is one of the best ways to keep your mind active, so I choose Duolingo to assist me with this task.  Seriously it’s the best way to learn another language.


So I wanted to learn Portuguese as spoken in Portugal but ended up with Brazilian Portuguese. Maybe the differences are minor, but all in all a very nice way of learning.

You can check out my progress here.

October 17

Yay me!!! I have finished the Portuguese tree and it only took me around 450 days! But still, I cannot construct a proper sentence. On the bright side, I can understand most of what I hear and read. I suppose my next move now would be to find someone online to chat to in Portuguese, I suppose that should do it.

I also noticed that while watching Narcos I could pick up a few words here and there, which was kind of cool especially since they speak Spanish.

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