I can get lost wandering into the subconscious mind alone; it’s good that it can hear my thoughts through the walls of my mind. It’s a very chatty place though. It’s always projecting images and video reels on the walls to entertain me, playing sounds that envelope me, repeating conversations that entice me, and creating scenarios to fluff up my fantasies – especially when I’m trying to focus. It holds all the information that I need, and it will give it to me if only I just ask. And how do I ask?

I simply ask in the plainest way possible. I speak to it with my inner mental voice as I would speak to a person sitting in front of me with my normal vocal voice. I speak to my mind as if it were this all-knowing entity that lives in the darker part, the subconscious. I just ask the questions I need to know and trust that it will give me the answers. The answers don’t usually come right away. Even my all-knowing subconscious needs to filter through its infinite bank of knowledge before providing an answer.

Imagine a librarian sitting at her desk with infinite books behind her, and she is the only one allowed to go through the books. You can ask her anything you want, she will go rummage through the library to fetch the answer and present it to me. This may take a few moments, it may take a few days, and sometimes it may take a bit longer, but the answers will always come. For me right now, I’m still waiting.

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