You have, once in passing, mentioned an idea that has often got me thinking.  It was a completely different way of thinking, one that I have never heard or thought of before.  Yet in some strange way, it had rung true, but the problem was, it challenged everything I had ever known.  At times I reacted to certain situations as though it be true leaving me with a question,  is it solipsistic in here or is it just me?

How do you know I am not a figment of your imagination or you a figment of mine?  Since the only thing you can verify is yourself.  But maybe we both exist.  Maybe we are both real, yet at the same time we are both figments of the other’s imagination, in the sense that I perceive you the way I want, and vice versa.  The world around me is my perception, though we share the same plane, the world around you is your own perception, one that totally differs from mine.  You might not see or know things till I point them out to you, and once I do you forever will see them as your own reality.

If it is a solipsistic world, and my insides reflect my outsides, and I create the world around me, does that mean that all the war and famine going around in the world merely a reflection of my thoughts and feelings?  If I can make myself at peace, could that solve the problem?  Would technology advance in such a way at the speed of my healing? Am I thinking myself to Godly?

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